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CCR shares several miles of common fence and breathtaking scenery within Coorg. We have a daily shuttle which departs CCR at 8 am and drops you off at the trail-head of your choice. Choose from these trails that begin on our property; we will pick you up and bring back to CCR. For the hikes that go into Coorg, Along with offering spectacular scenery 365 days a year, Coorg is home to some of the most incredible hiking trails in the world.
"Huttari Dance" and "Bolak-aat" are dance forms of Kodagu. The Kodavas are a unique martial race, different in customs, traditions and religion from the surrounding populace. This is the annual harvest dance of the Kodavas. The men, dressed in traditional Kodava costumes with the decorative knife, perform this slow moving dance to background music.

Camp fire

Relaxing at your tour days…Campfire will give the new refreshment…it will be a thrilling moment and fun always…End of the night and the start of your own time…Camfire will give freedom and stress of your mind…Real fire in body and soul… COORG COUNTY RESORT offers campfire facility.

Health Club

The Coorg County resort’s modern gym with its array of the latest of sophisticated training equipment is the perfect place to pump up the adrenalin at the start of he day. CCR Health Club, with its personal trainer who ensures every assistance through your regime, also provides the perfect track towards unwinding after a long day. With a steam and sauna, CCR Health Club invites you to sweat your weariness away as your mind relaxes and every pressure ebbs away. Guests can also register for annual memberships at the CCR Health Club which offers an exhaustive menu of various fitness and exercise options, and with the assistance of the personal trainer you can develop the perfect regime for healthier and better self.

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